Portrait of Alan Sangma

“Our user interfaces should be as amazing as our users.”

Design Loves Data.

Ten years in the industry has taught me that a design is only as useful as the data it represents and that a dataset is only as evocative as the design that represents it.

Whatever team I work with, I walk in with that understanding and use it to produce elegant designs that delight and empower users.

The What

A good user interface can be understood.A great one speaks poetry.

Practical and poignant. Minimal and powerful.

The How

I strive to understand user cultures. What inspires a user to act? What makes a user smile?

I want to understand user needs and goals. I want emotional insight.

The Why

We don't like when things don't work. We like when they do.

But when it's so right that we don't notice it, we are bound to love it.

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